Regulatory compliance

The principals of Proven Practices have lead major collaborative initiatives to promote the federal promulgation of performance-based and risk-informed regulations and guidelines.  Their experience and expertise have contributed to the development of the OSHA Laboratory Standard, the CDC and APHIS Select Agent Rules, Nuclear Regulatory Commission Guidelines, and the EPA Hazardous Waste at Academic Laboratories: Final Rule.

The U.S. Congress and U.S. Senate Committees on Appropriations applauded a three-year initiative lead by the principals, who were then employees of HHMI, to conduct a collaborative study in partnership with the EPA for developing a performance-based standard for managing hazardous waste generated in research laboratories.  Both Committees urged the EPA to participate.  This initiative became the catalyst for a final rule change by EPA that enables academic research laboratories to adopt a performance-based regulation in place of the standard industrial regulation.

These accomplishments and experiences enable Proven Practices to provide excellent guidance to its clients who seek to improve regulatory compliance without impeding scientific progress.

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