W. Emmett Barkley, Ph.D.

W. Emmett Barkley, Ph.D.
Professional highlights - Dr. Barkley joined the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, a non-profit philanthropic medical research organization, in 1988 to create and establish the Institute’s first laboratory safety program. Under his leadership of 17 years, the HHMI collaborative laboratory safety program earned a national reputation for promoting excellence in health, safety, and environmental stewardship, and for creating unparalleled safety training resources. The roughly 70 HHMI host universities and colleges, other top academic institutions large and small, and federal and state agencies whose decisions and policies directly impact the conduct of biomedical research, looked to the HHMI laboratory safety program for technical guidance, direction, and training resources.

Prior to joining HHMI, Dr. Barkley enjoyed a 26-year career in the Public Health Service at the National Institutes of Health. Dr. Barkley founded the NIH Division of Safety in 1979. He led the division’s workforce of roughly 330 employees that included senior level professionals in microbiology, medicine, toxicology, chemistry, industrial hygiene, health physics, engineering, environmental health and safety management, law enforcement, and security. During his directorship, the NIH Division of Safety grew to become the nation’s premier government environmental health and safety program.

Dr. Barkley also held the position of director of NIH’s Division of Engineering Services with the responsibility to lead the division’s 700 employees in the operation, renovation, repair, maintenance, and restoration of existing NIH facilities, and for the planning, design, and construction of new facilities.

Dr. Barkley also served as Director, WHO Collaborating Centre for Applied Biosafety Programmes and Research, and was the Director, Office of Research Safety, National Cancer Institute.

Since founding Proven Practices, LLC, Dr. Barkley has worked with the National Research Council of The National Academies on four committees:

  1. BulletMember, Committee on Special Immunizations Program, 2010.

  2. Proven Practices, LLCReview Coordinator, Committee on Education on Dual Use Issues in The Life Sciences, 2010.

  3. Review Coordinator, Committee on Laboratory Security and Personnel Reliability Assurance Systems for Laboratories Conducting Research on Biological Select Agents and Toxins, 2009.

  4. BulletMember, Committee on Prudent Practices, 2008.

He also severed as a Member of the Defense Science Board Task Force on Biosafety and Security Program for Research Involving Biological Select Agents and Toxins, Department of Defense, 2008.

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